About Tile Power oak Flats

Welcome to Tile Power Oak Flats

Tile Power oak Flats is owned and operated by licensed tilers who import exclusive premium quality tiles in the Ilawara region. With over 20 years since inception we have the complete knowledge and experience to assure you the best possible solution at competitive prices which you can incorprate into every aspect of a modern or classic home design or commercial development.

Tile Power Oak Flats takes great pride in all divisions of their business. We are proud to say that we work as a network with Tile Power Limited, the leading Australian tile retailer and importer, therefor allowing us to be affiliated with the worlds renowned and internationally recognised manufacturers. These factories utilise the most advanced and modern technology giving them the fore front to deliver the very finest in tiles, tilling accessories and tools to create the unique and outstanding Tile Power standard.

We continue to push the boundaries of innovation and styling ideas by progressively analysing developing and evolving local and international interior and exterior tilling trends, changing demands of the market and customer requests to ensure that they are catered for.

At Tile Power Oak Flats we offer a diversified mix of finishes, colours, textures, and tones of ceramic, porcelain, natural stone products including travertine, limestone, slate, terracotta wall and floor tiles in various required sizes to meet the needs of any design scheme.

Get inspired with the wide range of natural artistry of stone and the wood look tiles available. Compliment the outdoor area and expand your living space by creating a harmonious flow using tiles that are suitable for both outdoor and indoors. Bring the beauty from outdoor in with slate look porcelain tiles which are perfect for interior or exterior use due to their resistant properties and diverse textures.

Get the authentic impact of stone with our durable full bodied porcelain and ceramic natural stone tile replica series offering long lasting natural beauty that is versatile affordable and easily maintained in any modern home. This tile is the affordable alternative to natural stone that is easy to clean with no sealing required and available in variety of colours and styles.

Create a contemporary concrete look using large formate concrete effect tiles fitting for floor surfaces also giving of the illusion of adequatly large space ideal for both residential or commercial projects.

Would you love the opportunity to create a room and style it exactly how you envisioned?

Then visit us at our Tile Power Oak Flats showroom where inspiration is combined under one roof.

Evoke your creative flair with our hand made displays of universal array of the latest and greatest styles, colours, textures, and finishes in tiles, set out with considerable attention paid to detail.

Or showroom is very engaging with our high quality tiles and elaborate designs split into various displays and divisions making it accessible and convenient to brows and find the particular tile to make that striking statement you desire.

Our well seasoned and zealous staff will guide you through all the important aspects to consider before making an investment.

We will help you create your vision by assisting you in finding the appropriate and detailed solution. Our staff will accurately go through details including formate of the tiles keeping in mind measurements of the area being rebuilt, colour scheme you have in mind, technical characteristics and properties those tiles may hold for the intended purpose, all of which are critical to consider to avoid time consuming and costly mistakes.

Our Professional tilers and fixers are never to far and will proudly assist you on site with instructional guidance and advice giving you the complete Tile Power Oak Flats experience.